Cows in the garden

This weekend we welcomed 8 Charolais cows into our garden.  They will be keeping the grass down to a managable level for the next few months   They belong to Pablo and Jesus from the local Ferret shop and hopefully they will give us a few buckets of milk in exchange  from their dairy stock which they have up at La Cañada. 

Not much flying this week due to a most unpleasant turn for the worse in the weather.  However, still plenty to do with the house build.  I have just finished the railing of the Terrace, so the children have less chance of falling off now.  The geese seem to like it too.

On the chicken front we recently had another disaster with more  lost to dogs or fox, including our Cockrel and Bantam.  We now have a new Cockrel, a very hansome Estremaduran.

I have moved my hives down from the hills, so they are all nearby now.  A large flock of colourfull bee eaters now spend most of the day around the house.  Although they are very pretty and lovely to watch, I am becomming a little annoyed by the amount of bees they are taking. 

Posted: Monday, May 10th, 2010 at 22:18 by Steve Ham in Gossip.

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