PB for Martin.

An excellent flying day in Avila, though it seems that in most of Spain it was pouring with rain, especially in Andalusia Valencia and Cataluña all with floods that made the news.

A good unstable airmass, but the cloud tops kept down by an upper level inversion.  Fantastic visibility and really nice thermal climbs, even though relatively cold.  A nice morning flight, with most staying in the air on the 11 am flight.  On the XC an easy ride to Barco for Martin, John, Paul any myself.

Monday we also went to Barco, also with nice conditions, but with strengthening winds in the afternoon.

Tuesday we made a short morning flight with strengthening thermal and wind conditions, with only Michel making an evening flight.

Tomorrow is predicted very bad in most of Spain weatherwise.  Hopefully we will escape with another good day.

Nice evening conditions, but too north to do the whole ridge run.

Posted: Wednesday, September 16th, 2009 at 20:10 by Steve Ham in Flying Journal.

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