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A bit stable in the Corneja Valley

July 14th, 2009 - Posted by Steve Ham

Quite ratty thermals on the way to the pass today with climbs not over around 2300m.  Jan, Dave and myself crossed (most others landing before the Cementary), though it was not worth it, just a glide to short of Amavida.  Breezy and cool. The evening flight was much much nicer with good climbs to around […]

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Wilfred, Spanish Champion and Open winner

July 13th, 2009 - Posted by Steve Ham

A fantastic week for Wilfred, now a deserving spanish champion after 6 epic task.  I cancelled Task 7 due to over strong winds from the SW.  Overall some 46,055km were flown by pilots over the 6 days.  A record number of task and Kms for a spanish nationals event. Sunday pilots flew to segovia (115km), […]

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Task 6, 102km Race to goal

July 10th, 2009 - Posted by Steve Ham

Once again epic conditions with climbs over 3500m.  We set a valley task within the Corneja valley progressively zigzagging out towards the flats as the afternoon wore on.  The last turnpoint was some 12km out to the NW of the Piedrahita goal and many pilots struggled into the headwind there.   50 in goal with the […]

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111km Race circuit with heaps in goal again

July 9th, 2009 - Posted by Steve Ham

Today we set a task taking pilots over the back to the Parador Nacional in the Gredos park, then to Avila, then back to a goal near the pass at Amavida.  I had to push hard to convince the task committe to go with my decision (they wanted to go to Arcones), but I believed […]

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Task 4. Epic conditions and amazing speed over 99km out and return

July 8th, 2009 - Posted by Steve Ham

Pilots are still arriving at goal as I write this entry.  Today is an absolute classic Piedrahita day with Cu around 3500m and wonderfull Cu´s across the sky.  The race was to Sotalvo Castle, south of Avila, then a return past Piedrahita to Hoyoredondo then goal in the new goal field in Piedrahita. The race […]

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Task 3:A Race around the Ambles Valley

July 8th, 2009 - Posted by Steve Ham

Once again excellent conditions with climbs to around 3000m and light wind conditions.  We set a race over the pass to Sotalvo, the castle on the Sierra de Paramera on the south side of the Ambles valley.  After this back across the flats to Muñana (the big cross roads with the petrol station, and from […]

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Sergi Ballester wins the 2nd task

July 6th, 2009 - Posted by Steve Ham

The day started with Cus forming below take off, but by the task start had risen to 2600m.   With the west wind still lingering we set a task to Avila then return to goal in Muñogalindo.  This latter part normally booms with a lower level N wind, so we though we could get a fair […]

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Cracking start to the Spanish Nationals -115km to Segovia

July 5th, 2009 - Posted by Steve Ham

The Spanish Nationals, full to capacity (150 pilots) got underway today with good thermic conditions and a westerly wind.  Similar conditions to the British nationals the past week, and no surprise, we selected the Segovia task.  When I left goal a few hours a go there we 20 pilots at goal, with Simon Issenhuth  the […]

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Olympio Faissol wins Brit Open and Chris Harland second

July 4th, 2009 - Posted by Steve Ham

A fanstastic last task with 94 pilots in Goal at Avila.  The conditions really picked up 20 km before goal at Muñogalindo, where a climb took many high enough to do a fast final glide to the goal.   Great to see Chris Harland in second place.  A great week with many PBs for pilots and […]

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254km from Peña Negra.

July 3rd, 2009 - Posted by Steve Ham

Bruno Croué has once again broke the site record from Peña Negra.  On task 2 , when the brits were making goal at 126km, Bruno making a free flight broke his previous site record which he achieved on the 29th of June last year. Maybe today, with the high winds and strong thermals some of […]

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