The start of a tricky flying week

We have had excellent flying conditons with only around 4 days lost over the last month.  However, this seems to have come to a bit of an end with some problematic conditions for the next few days.

Yesterday (Sunday) was an excellent day.  Alan made climbs to 3200m and set off towards Salamanca untill he got decked after around 25kms.  I rushed back from the airport with Rob, Mike and Ian and we had an excellent evening flight.

This morning it was blowing southerly with a forecast of strong winds so we checked out Lastra – more to see if the gate was open rather than fly.  Surprisingly the wind was very light, and an increasingly overcast sky dampened down the thermal activity.  I had a half hour of very gentle thermalling before landing near the river for a bit of paddling while waiting for the others.  Only Rob and Dave got off as the wind dropped after I took off.

The rest of the afternoon we spent inspecting our new house.  The current state is that we have been waiting for a month for a solution from the spanish representatives of the company.  Essentially the carpenters/builders they supplied had very limited skills and have make a big cock up on much of what they have done and when they got to framing the roof demonstrated that they had very little idea of building at all.  The Spanish rep, who has all our money up front seems to have decided not to honour their contract with us, leaving us with an unfinished house and the materials lying around the plot.  Expert builder Rob Ginger clarified a few thing for us on how things should be done correctly, good mitre cuts etc.  At the moment we are waiting for a specialist from the American supplier (Kuhns Bros) to come across on the 8th of August to sort out some of the problems and to finish the build.  In the meantime we contine to live in our tent which is fine, but we had rather hoped to be under a roof by now.

Posted: Monday, July 20th, 2009 at 19:12 by Steve Ham in Flying Journal.

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3 Responses to “The start of a tricky flying week”

  1. Em Says:

    Hi, I’m glad the boys are there safe and sound, and you’re making good use of Rob! I hope they all behave themselves this week…hmmmm!!! Have a great time and please put up lots of photos of you all as I’d love to see how they are doing! Hope alls well with you Steve and Puri,

  2. Pat Rowley Says:

    glad to hear that the house build will progress soon – fingers crossed xxx

  3. Catherine & Garry Says:

    It must be Karma, obviuosly Rob the builder was meant to be there to lend a hand instead of us. I hope the weather gets better though. I’m in a meeting in London today (multitasking ;-). Strangely the meeting room is called “Spain” – I know where I’d rather be though.
    Have fun and looking forward to some photos too. Love to all C xx

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