Wilfred, Spanish Champion and Open winner

A fantastic week for Wilfred, now a deserving spanish champion after 6 epic task.  I cancelled Task 7 due to over strong winds from the SW.  Overall some 46,055km were flown by pilots over the 6 days.  A record number of task and Kms for a spanish nationals event.

Sunday pilots flew to segovia (115km), but we just got an evening flight after the airport run.  Today, Monday,  we have just finished a flight of under an hour, comming down near the pass so as not to risk the forecasted high winds.   Sebastian (CH) went over on his Nova  factor, but landed at Villatoro.

Winds looking milder for the next few days, so should be a great week.

We have the Gloucester fat boys here with us this week, so my Gloucester/ Bristolian accent is developing to its full incomprehensible state – hopefully the blog will maintain a semblance of proper English.

Posted: Monday, July 13th, 2009 at 13:51 by Steve Ham in Flying Journal.

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One Response to “Wilfred, Spanish Champion and Open winner”

  1. Remnant Says:

    Glad you are getting up to speed with your Gloucestershire accent Steve…
    I am originally from the Forest of Dean and will be there in a fortnight 😉

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