Segovia 120km

Nice to finish the day over a thousand metres above Segovia admiring the aqueduct, cathedral and Alcazar. Only Adam and Graham made it over the pass, with Kenny almost doing so. Graham managed to have an encounter with some very rough air near Mu├▒ogalindo when a helicopter flew around 100m below him. A cravat, which finally came out left him looking for the comfort of mother earth. Adam and myself continued after Avila, and found it a struggle to get down to 3000m for the airspace (3600m before Avila). Although it was a blue day the climbs were strong and there were sections of lift covering many Kms.

Those in the group who had a short flight managed a pleasant evening flight using the white van while we were being retrieved. Kenny and Graham took full advantage of the facilities offered at the Mu├▒ogalindo bar whilst waiting for Adam and me to return form Segovia with Teclas.

We also made a good morning flight……..mainly to get Steve back into the right frame of mind after yesterdays reserve.

Posted: Wednesday, July 30th, 2008 at 22:48 by Steve Ham in Flying Journal.

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