Fantastic early conditions becoming overdeveloped.

For our first full day with the new group the days started with a text book morning flight, with good reliable climbs on the chalet spine, most pilots getting a good climb out above take off. Only Simon got badly flushed, though making a good landing in one of the fields short of the main landing area. For the second flight conditions had become stronger. I took off, and the group decided not to fly as the clouds had now become threatening, and I was finding extensive lift way out into the valley. Things calmed down by 6pm (though never actually stormed in the area). However, on reaching take off, a Congestus was dumping some 40km to the NW. A strong restitution set up around 7pm, with cloud forming along the ridge. Paul did the Corals and back ridge run easily (16.8km), though the rest of the group, mindful of the rain to the NW, flew further out from the ridge, and were anable to go beyond the Big Spins. The photo is of Tom on his Aspen 2 on the morning flight

Posted: Monday, May 5th, 2008 at 21:37 by Steve Ham in Flying Journal.

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